“We partnered with world-leading experts in LED lighting, plant health sciences, and indoor agriculture to rethink the container farm from scratch. The Modular Farm System focus entirely on plant health and farmer Return on Investment.” Modular Farms Co Australia

We’ve had the opportunity to work with Modular Farms Co Australia, who have developed a purpose built container farm, designed to support farmers from remote isolated communities to complex urban centres. Their exclusive Modular Farm System is a complete indoor vertical farming system capable of producing fresh, healthy plants virtually anywhere in the world, in any climate. To ensure optimal plant health every aspect of the design, from the HVAC controls to the custom LED lighting technology, to air flow, to the hydroponic system controls are designed in order to ensure plants grow as quickly and as perfectly as possible. In the primary model, the custom HVAC design and dehumidifiers are capable of removing and recapturing over 190 litres of transpired or evaporated water from the air.

The business owner required a HVAC contractor that can prevent any issues with their air quality occurring and someone they can trust will do the right thing to save the business running costs. Our experience in working with kitchen and food service areas ventilation requirements, along with the fact that our innovative design team can tackle anything that is thrown their way, plays a major part in why they choose us to complete this project.

If you have an out of the box design requiring unique clean air needs and ventilation, why not give us a call to discuss ways we can make the air in your project one less thing for you to worry about.

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