Daikin US7 2.5kw Reverse Cycle Split System


The 2.5kw US7 is Australia’s most energy efficient split system, and is the first to be awarded a 7 star Super Efficiency rating. The US7 is in a league of its own when it comes to split systems. It has superior de-humidification control which increases comfort in humid climates, which it balances with humidification control that warms spaces without drying the air excessively. When purchasing such a premium system, ensure you get the installation quality to match. Choose Advanced Air for your US7 supply and install and you will be guaranteed the most efficient and advanced split system for your home is treated with the care it deserves.

  • Advanced humidification; a humidification unit in the outdoor unit draws moisture from outdoor air and distributes this indoors to make you feel warmer and more comfortable.
  • 2-Stage Filtration; outdoor unit removes carbon monoxides via a thermal catalyst. Indoor unit’s flash streamer removes formaldehyde and allergens from the air.
  • Cleverly reduces humidity without changing the indoor temperature by intelligent capacity control and mixing of warmer room air with dehumidified air.
  • An infrared human presence sensor helps prevent cold draughts and enables energy saving operations when the room is unoccupied for 20 minutes.
  • Discharge louvres are specially designed to stream air upwards along the ceiling for longer throws and delivering rapid cooling and even temperature distribution in the occupied space.
  • Daikin’s US7 features a quiet mode whereby operation sound levels are reduced by 2-3dBA for a quieter heating and cooling experience.
  • Automatic self cleaning filter collects and deposits dust into an internal dust box for easy disposal.
  • R32 is the next generation in refrigerants with 66% lower ‘Global Warming Potential Factor’ than R410A, providing less risk of harm to the environment.
  • Features a back-lit wireless remote controller with precision temperature set point adjustment in 0.5°C increments and a built-in count up-down ON/OFF timer for convenient set and forget operations.
Rated Capacity Cool (kW) 2.5
Heat (kW) 3.6
Capacity Range Cool (kW) 0.6-3.9
Heat (kW) 0.6-7.5
Indoor Airflow Rate (Hi) Cool (l/s) 177
Heat (l/s) 195
Indoor Fan Speeds C/H 5 steps, quiet and automatic
Energy Label/Star Ratings Cool 7
Heat 7
Front Panel Colour   White
Power Supply   1 phase, 220-240V, 50Hz
Power Input (Rated) Cool (kW) 0.42
Heat (kW) 0.62
E.E.R / C.O.P Cool/Heat 5.95/5.81
A.E.E.R / A.C.O.P Cool/Heat 5.90/5.77
Dimensions (HxWxD) Indoor (mm) 303x798x372
Outdoor (mm) 693x795x300
Weight Indoor (kg) 15
Outdoor (kg) 50
Compressor Type   Hermetically sealed swing type
Refrigerant Type   R32
Max Pipe Length (m) 10
Max Level Difference (m) 8
Pipe Sizes Liquid (mm) 6.4
Gas (mm) 9.5
Outdoor Operative Range (Outdoor Temp) Cool (CDB) -10 to 43
Heat (CWB) -20 to 18
Indoor Sound Level (H/SL) Cool (dBA) 38/19
Heat (dBA) 38/19
Outdoor Sound Level (H) Cool (dBA) 46
Heat (dBA) 46
Outdoor EPA Sound Power Level (H) Cool (dBA) 59
Heat (dBA) 59
  • Mobile Controller
    Daikin Mobile Controller puts your air conditioner’s frequently used functions at your finger tip with an easy to use app. In conjunction with Daikin’s wireless LAN adaptor, the easy to use Daikin Mobile Controller lets you use your smartphone or tablet to operate your Daikin wall mounted air conditioning unit via Wi-Fi or the internet.
  • Installation
    With our manufacturer offering a 5 year warranty on this product, don’t risk making it void by having this unit installed incorrectly. We liaise with the manufacturer on your behalf, so you don’t have to stress about a faulty product.
    5 years is a lot of hot days in Brisbane, and a fair few cold ones as well. If you use us you will be rest assured that we will be around to fix your air-conditioning when you need it.
    By adding this to your cart, one of our experienced staff will call and arrange a quote on installation for you. Easy!


  • 5 year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Only available from Daikin authorised dealers (that's us!)
  • 7-star 'Super Efficiency' rated
  • Best for humid or dry climate zones
  • Contact us for Installation Prices
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