A simple fan is reducing our clients' running costs on their larger commercial hvac systems in Brisbane.


Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital

Cool Fact:

We estimate this is saving our customer over $2500 a year off their energy bill.


As part of our commitment to reducing running costs for our customers, we have developed expertise in plug fan technology that is a simple yet hugely effective way to reduce your buildings energy consumption. If you are running a air handling unit of medium to large size, it is well worth investigating the savings that may be possible in running costs when switching from a belt driven fan to a EC ‘Plug’ Fan.

Our client, Holy Spirit Hospital found the before and after energy saving data points to a very short expected payback time. The readings show a drop of close to 36% in energy consumed since changing to the plug fan.

Based on today’s commercial rates, that also equates to a direct saving of $2505 per annum in electricity costs and equates to 8.9 tonnes of reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Not to mention reductions in maintenance costs. There are no belts or pulleys to replace and no bearings to grease or motors to align.

Take advantage of our experience in this area and contact us to arrange a report on possible energy savings for your building today.

How does it work?

EC Plug Fans distribute the air more evenly and closer to the cooling coil.

How does this save energy?

Traditional belt-driven fans need larger starting currents, and more time running to achieve the same air pressure across the coil.

What sort of energy savings have you found?

Old Belt Driven Fan:  30,117kw/h  New EC Plug Fan  19,224kw/h 

This reduction of -36% equates to approximately a $2505 per annum reduction in power costs.

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