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If you're looking for Brisbane air conditioning
installation you're in good hands.

A Sensitive
Smart Choice

Approved by the National Asthma Council Australia, DAIKIN Air Purifiers and split systems are authorised to display the Sensitive Choice butterfly symbol.

Energy Efficient
save on your Electricity Bill

Upgrade your air conditioning and save on your energy bill. Did you know, some of the new Air Conditioning systems offer up to 7 star rating.
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For more than 35 years, we’ve helped our clients all around the Brisbane local area by providing thoughtful planning, professional installation, and all the services that are needed to keep air conditioners in peak operating condition. Advanced air is one of the leading Brisbane air conditioning specialists. We’ll match you with the perfect system and help save you money at the same time. 

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If you’re looking for a Brisbane Air Conditioning install you’re in good hands. Air Conditioning Installation is an investment in the value of your home as well as your future comfort. Considering the heatwaves that Brisbane and South East Queensland goes through, it makes sense to take the plunge and install air conditioning in your home.

Make sure you choose a quality system that will be efficient to run and that will last the many days of use it will receive, and make sure you use authorized installers to carry out the installation, as it will make any warranty claims a lot easier.

All our Air Conditioning supply and install packages come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty and a 1 year installation warranty that covers a lot of hot days in Brisbane.Take advantage of our trade discounts on superior conditioning systems and our team of fully qualified refrigeration mechanic installers to make your home or business livable this summer.