Asset Management

What is Asset Management?

Our Asset Management Portal (AMP) is an online, cloud based portal where facility managers can manage all their HVAC asset’s administration.

How does it work?

Our AMP offers users an easy to use interface that lists all their HVAC assets full history of installation, maintenance and rectification costs while also giving the power to request and accept quotes, book in jobs and handle account management in one place, 24-7.

Who is it for?

Ideally designed for buildings with multiple HVAC assets, AMP is available for all customers of Advanced Air Conditioning at no extra cost.

Is it easy to use?

The simplicity and ease of use is the cause of AMPs success. All the data is already loaded for your building, just ask us for your unique log in and you can begin. If you can use a website, you can use AMP.

Detailed Features

Once you have received your login and unique page link, you are able to do the following.

    • Access all HVAC asset information including costs, condition reports and future maintenance
    • Access all Advanced Air communications regarding the assets
    • Lodge a request direct to Advanced Air for a job or quote
    • Schedule upcoming maintenance for the most convenient time for your businesses

    It’s basically an extension of the Advanced Way: Efficiency, Innovation and Transparency in everything we do for you.

    How do I get it?

    Current customers get access to this system for no extra cost. Simply talk to your Account Manager about getting a log in for the system. The information is already there for you to make use of!

asset management

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