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Using a trusted, proven air conditioning team is important if you want to meet project deadlines, budgets, along with emergency support and maintenance contracts.

At Advanced Air, we proudly work with local Brisbane, Queensland, New South Wales and national companies like Aldi and McDonald’s, designing and installing leading Daikin commercial systems for businesses, schools and hospitals where quality clean air, comfort, efficiency and reliability matter.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installations And Support

Just as important as installing the right system on any commercial or public premises, Advanced Air also provides 24/7 support for emergencies with a rapid response time. So no matter if you own a cafe or a large shopping centre, we will be there to support you during and post installation.

To cater for the vastly different commercial and public buildings, commercial air conditioning systems can be configured in a number of layouts, along with vastly different heating and cooling capacities from Daikin.

There are near infinite arrangements, but the main systems are:

    • Single Split Air Conditioning Systems
    • Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems
    • VRV Air Conditioning Systems


Split System Commercial Air Conditioning

Single splits are the most cost effective type of commercial air conditioning system when it comes to installation. Single splits are perfect for use in smaller commercial buildings with heating and cooling options. For these reasons, Daikin systems are ideal for small offices, shops including restaurants and cafes, along with cooling smaller server rooms.

Single split air conditioning systems are also stand alone, meaning that if one unit breaks down or has issues, which is not common when you invest in Daikin quality, but if it does happen, your other units remain fully functional.

The only downside of split system commercial air conditioning systems is that you need enough external space because you’ll need one split system outdoor unit for every indoor unit you install.


Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems

Multi-splits function in the same way as single splits, but you can connect up to nine indoor units to one outdoor unit, depending on the model. Because of this, multi-split air conditioning systems are often used in restaurants, larger offices, medical practices and shops with multiple or larger rooms.

With any air conditioning system, it’s always preferable to install minimal outdoor units to preserve your building’s appearance, and this gives multi-split air conditioning systems the edge over single split air conditioning systems if you need multiple indoor units.

You also aren’t limited with indoor units, and you can have numerous combinations of wall, ceiling and cassette mounted air conditioning units if you like. In all cases, it’s best to consult an expert like Advanced Air first before deciding on the ‘look’ you like, as the optimal indoor units usually come down to your building’s structure.

The downside of multi-split systems is that they are more complicated to install and maintain, require more pipework than several single splits. These factors naturally impact the installation budget and it can take longer to install, especially if you need a number of indoor units.


VRF or VRV Air Conditioning Systems

VRF is an acronym for Variable Refrigerant Flow, while VRV stands for Variable Refrigerant Volume. This may seem confusing, but they mean exactly the same thing.

Daikin originally developed VRV technology and trademarked the abbreviation to stop other manufacturers from using it in their marketing. Because of this, almost all other manufacturers use the term VRF. VRF or VRV air conditioning technology is the ideal solution for medium to larger commercial building such as hotels, larger offices, hospitals, libraries and other larger buildings.

VRF/VRV air conditioning systems are extremely efficient, highly reliable and simple to control, catering for the complete heating and cooling requirements in larger buildings. These systems also require minimal installation times, keeping disruptions to a minimum.

Within the VRF/VRV solution, there are actually two variants. Again it’s best to ignore the VRF/VRV name difference and just think ‘heat pump’ and ‘heat recovery’. Heat pump systems provide either heating or cooling at any given time and are ideal for open plan areas.

Heat recovery VRF/VRV systems can provide simultaneous heating and cooling across different indoor units at the same time, and are perfect for building with lots of rooms. This is also the most efficient commercial VRF/VRV air conditioning system as they can reuse waste heat from around the building, including from your hot water.

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