Residential Air Conditioning Installations Brisbane

Are you looking for a new air conditioning system that’s high-tech, remarkably reliable and highly efficient? If so, you can’t go wrong with a Daikin system, the leader in home air conditioning and the perfect option if you want to cool and heat your residence or commercial building.

With the rising temperatures here in Queensland, from blistering summers to chilly winter nights, choosing a reliable air conditioning manufacturer like a Daikin is the first step.

Finding The Perfect Air Conditioning Unit

Ensuring your air conditioning system is the right design, and size for your home is the next step. Here at Advanced Air, we’re happy to provide a free quote, and part of this is making sure you are investing in the right sized system for your home.

If you install an air conditioning system that’s too big or small, your electricity bills will quickly add up. Likewise, just going for the cheapest air conditioning option will cost you big time in the long run.

Choosing The Right Air Conditioning Team

The tradespeople you choose can make all the difference. You’ll want to be sure that they’re highly experienced and genuinely care about your home.

Seeing if the team work in commercial air conditioning is also a good sign for their qualifications and experience. For example, we manage Aldi’s and McDonald’s Air Conditioning in Brisbane, so it’s imperative that we only hire the best people.

We’ve been installing Daikin air conditioning system for the last 35 years throughout Brisbane.

When you work with Advanced Air Brisbane, you will:

    • Get a free quote and we will only recommend the perfect air conditioning system for your needs.
    • Have a team that works to your schedule, arriving on the day and time that suits you.
    • Get a 100% guarantee on installation quality with a 5-year manufacturer and a 1-year installation warranty.
    • Have a team who respect you and your home, including teaching you how to use your new system before we leave your home neat and tidy.
    • Able to call us and we will answer the phone.

What Types Of Air Conditioning Systems Can You Choose From?

Naturally, we will guide you on the ideal air conditioning system, one that’s perfect for your home, the Queensland climate and your lifestyle.
As part of our free quote, we’ll also explain the differences between air-conditioning systems. However below is a quick overview and if you would like to know more about any of these systems, please just get in touch with us on (07) 3256 6033 or contact us online.

These systems are the most popular style of air conditioning system in Brisbane homes and apartment for single room cooling and heating. You’ve likely seen hundreds of these Daikin systems in friend’s homes, restaurants and even in smaller commercial buildings.

If you have a larger already built home, then this system is ideal. The benefits are that a multi-type system is one outdoor unit can be connected to a variety of indoor units like wall mounted, cassettes and ducted units.

Daikin floor and, or ceiling systems are used when a room’s design requires it, like heritage buildings where you may need to avoid any major construction. Floor and ceiling systems are mounted in your drop ceiling or floor mounted for easy access.

Cassette air conditioning systems are perfect if you need a system to fit neatly into your ceiling and circulate air through multiple corners of your room. The latest designs incorporate directional flaps also allow air to be directed in either a set or sweep motion.

A fully ducted air conditioning system is the ultimate way to cool and heat your home, and you can control rooms separately or your entire home with the one control. Ducted air-conditioning is remarkably discreet as it’s concealed in your ceilings, walls or floors. Perfect for new home builders.

If you’ve any questions or would like to arrange a free quote to get the perfect system for your home, please just call us on (07) 3256 6033 or feel free to get in touch. We’d love to help you get the comfort and Brisbane lifestyle you want.

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