The McDonald’s franchisee at Pimpama was looking for an energy-efficient solution for their store operating 24/7. The design brief stated that the ambient design temperatures at Pimpama could reach 33.5°C dry bulb/26°C wet bulb, with roof temperatures exceeding 45°C dry bulb, as the client required consistent cooling for a pleasant indoor environment.

The Climate Wizard technology offers a superior energy efficiency ratio over standard refrigerated cooling systems. It also allows for conditioned fresh air to be delivered directly to staff work stations and to public areas.

Two Climate Wizard model CW-P15 air conditioners were installed; one servicing the kitchen work stations while the other serviced the burger bar and front of house area. Comfortable temperatures were maintained with fresh air supplied directly to the required areas.

Climate Wizard works in conjunction with the refrigerated cooling systems, reducing the heat load from fresh air while not adding any moisture to the conditioned air. This means reduced operational costs to the McDonald’s franchisee coupled with the ability to maintain a comfortable environment inside the store for its customers and its staff.

Our experience in working with kitchen and food service areas ventilation requirements is a major factor in why they choose us over many other competitors. Being flexible and available to work around the restaurants busy times is also a key factor of our customer service. If you have a restaurant or other establishment with unique clean air needs, why not give us a call to discuss ways we can make the air in your building one less thing for you to worry about. See the case study from Seeley Climate Wizard.

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McDonald's Climate Wizard CW-P15 Commercial Installation

Climate Wizard CW-P15 Commercial Installation

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