When we look after shopping centres one of the main points we must focus on is minimal to zero disruption to trade. Being flexible and available to work around the busy times is also a key factor of our customer service. Birkdale Fair required a complete upgrade on all Air Conditioning systems including 3 x 180kw air cooled condensers, full BMS installation and retrofiting the existing AHU with new evaporator coils and energy efficient EC Plug fans. 

As part of our commitment to reducing running costs for our customers, we have developed expertise in plug fan technology that is a simple, yet, hugely effective way to reduce your buildings energy consumption. If you are running an air handling unit of medium to large size, it is well worth investigating the savings in running costs that may be possible when switching from a belt driven fan to a EC ‘Plug’ Fan.

At Birkdale Fair that equates to a direct saving in electricity costs and equates to 8.9 tonnes of reduced greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention reductions in maintenance costs. There are no belts or pulleys to replace and no bearings to grease or motors to align.

If you have shopping complexes or other establishments with unique clean air needs, why not give us a call to discuss ways we can make the air in your building one less thing for you to worry about.

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