Gelair Health-e Split BULK 50 Pack


Gelair™ Health-e Split is used in medium volume, medium flow split, reverse or cassette style air conditioning systems to sterilise and sanitise the entire air conditioning system and effectively control the spread of invisible mould, bacteria and viruses.

Highly effective Gelair™ healthy living technology has been incorporated within a specifically designed dispensing sachet for the sustained and controlled release of Pure Tea Tree Oil vapour.

The Gelair™ Health-e Split sachet is installed directly next to the air conditioner filter (whether it is a wall mounted or ceiling cassette type) to control mould, bacteria and viruses in your air conditioning system as well as the room it services, for up to 8 weeks. No installation equipment or training is required and there are no maintenance or additional energy costs.

This BULK product comes in a box of 50 sachets. 

  • Pure Tea Tree Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil and Ocean Fresh
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