Does your building need a health check?

Indoor air quality in the commercial environment has experienced a heightened state of awareness in recent years among building occupants, employers, building owners and managers. Building occupants, in general, are demanding more and have a higher expectation of the quality of their indoor environment.


Why HVAC maintenance is so important to building managers

Did you know that Air handling units in large buildings are most likely part of the fire safety installation for the building and therefore an Essential Safety Measure (ESM). Therefore it is essential that you maintain them in accordance with the law.


Efficiency in Commercial HVAC

Plug Fan investment likely to pay for itself in 2 years at Local Hospital

Commercial Building HVAC contributes to the majority of energy usage, so any investment made in efficiency does contribute in the long run. As part of our commitment to reducing running costs for our customers, we have developed expertise in plug fan technology that is a simple yet hugely effective way to reduce your buildings energy consumption.


R22 phase out begins – News for building managers


Do you have an older air conditioning unit or refrigeration system installed in your home or business? If so, you need to think about how you can prepare for an expected price rise which could affect your units.

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