Reduce illness in Childcare with an Indoor Air Quality Management Plan

01 July 2021


Illnesses and illness-related absenteeism in children, and adults, is a constant uphill battle for childcare facilities in Queensland.

Young children are particularly vulnerable to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), which contributes to the spread of illnesses in childcare facilities that do not have effective IAQ and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) management strategies in place. Childcare facilities with successful management strategies in place, such as moisture and mould control (especially in Queensland’s humid sub-tropical climate), appropriate ventilation and regular preventative air conditioning maintenance retain a higher number of teachers and have a decreased amount of illness and illness-related absenteeism. This is important for all childcare facilities, or any educational institutions, because it minimises the additional costs, and time, of hiring substitute teachers and alleviates the unnecessary stresses that can affect children when their regular teacher has been replaced or is absent due to illness.

Modern cooling systems: wall mounted split systems, in or under ceiling cassette or ducted systems, ventilation and circulation, as well as IAQ products including UV solutions work to combat illnesses presenting in childcare facilities. This equipment helps to reduce allergens and contaminants which can cause or aggravate health issues or symptoms. Advanced Air Conditioning offers the highest quality equipment as well as a team dedicated to commercial HVAC design, installation, repair and preventative maintenance services to help you care for, and meet the Australian Standards, your childcare facility’s IAQ and HVAC requirements.

What can improve IAQ at childcare facilities?

Upgraded Cooling Equipment
Cooling systems that are aged and that have been subject to irregular preventative maintenance schedules jeopardise air quality as they lack the performance and features required to control contaminants. An upgraded energy-efficient commercial cooling system will achieve better performance with increased airflow and humidity control and will also reduce operational energy costs.

Ventilation systems
Stagnant air contributes to the spread of bacteria, viruses and contaminants which cause illnesses in childcare facilities. Advanced Air Conditioning can design and install ventilation systems which will increase airflow and, in turn, control the spread of illnesses and assist with moisture control.

Dehumidification systems
Childcare facilities have many soft surfaces; curtains, toys and other furnishings where dust mites may congregate. Without appropriate humidity control, the dust mite populations can explode, causing allergies and asthma symptoms. A dehumidifier will remove excess moisture in the air to limit the spread of contaminants and allergens.

IAQ Products
Gelair products are the simplest way to control the mould and bacteria that infest your air conditioner and the room it services. Gelair has delivered solutions for mould and bacteria build up in buildings for over two decades, using Australian grown and distilled Tea Tree Oil as the main ingredient in all Gelair products. Only the finest Tea Tree Oil is used in Gelair™ products, with every batch meticulously tested for quality. Australian Tea Tree Oil is a powerful broad spectrum anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent, controlling mould and bacteria (including Legionella).

Gelair products can be used anywhere to improve IAQ however the healthy living Gelair technology means that the benefits of Tea Tree Oil can be delivered to hard to reach areas such as air conditioning systems to help prevent adverse health effects such as allergies and respiratory illnesses caused by harmful micro-organisms.

Ultra Violet (UV) Solutions
UV-C (also referred to as germicidal UV) operates in the germicidal wavelength – 185-254 nanometers, which renders organisms sterile. When organisms can no longer reproduce, they die. UV-C is a simple yet incredibly effective solution for surface and air sterilisation. Due to the effectiveness of UV-C, it’s incredibly useful for hospitals, medical labs, senior care and childcare facilities, fire and police stations, airports, schools, government buildings, office buildings, hotels and more. Other benefits of UV include the reduction or elimination of unpleasant odours and keeping your systems clean and therefore reducing operational and running costs.

Keep your illnesses and illness-related absenteeism at bay in Queensland and Northern NSW with the right commercial HVAC and IAQ solutions from Advanced Air Conditioning. We evaluate your needs and help you select equipment designed to tackle your specific IAQ concerns.

For the last 35 years, Advanced Air Conditioning has been designing and installing HVAC and IAQ solutions to large and small businesses and homes. Maintaining these systems is also part of our core business throughout South East and Regional Queensland and Northern New South Wales. We have become an industry leader in both commercial and residential HVAC mechanical services, business management systems (BMS) along with IAQ solutions. Our experienced team of technicians, estimators and managers continue to exceed client expectations across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, specialising in retail, healthcare, education and engineering sectors.
Get in touch with us to discuss a Preventative Maintenance and Indoor Air Quality Management Plan for your facility, (07)3256 6033, or email info@advair.com.au

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