Air Conditioning Maintenance

Residential Servicing

Whether it is a split or ducted system, cassette or under ceiling unit, maintaining your units by servicing them on a regular basis is highly recommended. Brisbane’s humidity and the coastal climate can take a toll on the inside and outside workings of your units. Depending on the environmental factors at your location, we recommend booking a service in/ or before October and April, prior to the change of seasons to confirm that your units are in working order and running effectively.

Commercial Servicing

Advanced Air has an experienced and reliable team of qualified tradespeople on staff along with full workshop capabilities. Our highly skilled technical team, specialise in all aspects of commercial services, be it split ducted, chilled water plant, VRV or a packaged unit, maintaining your units by servicing them on a regular basis is highly recommended, our experienced team can put together a maintenance schedule that suits your commercial needs, and keep you up to date on any issues or preventative maintenance required through out. 

Break-Down / Repair

A breakdown of your air conditioning unit can effect your productivity, getting it up and running again quickly is our speciality. Here at Advanced Air, we’ve built a reputation for providing our clients with a service that is efficient, reliable and cost effective.
Our team of highly skilled mechanics can diagnose and repair your air conditioners regardless of the make and model, including:

Our level of expertise applies to all types of systems, whether it is specialised, a large commercial system, or a one-off system. Our technicians will carefully diagnose the cause of the break down and inform you of the repair options prior to performing them. Once agreed, our technicians will proceed in a timely manner to make sure your units are up and running, sooner rather than later.

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