Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air?

10 November 2016

Why air con blowing hot air

So far it had been a pretty mild winter and spring, by Brisbane standards at least. But now Summer has well and truly kicked in, and you want to turn on the aircon for the first time in months, and it’s blowing warm air or it’s not even turning on. Here are some things that we would check as part of a residential aircon service in Brisbane.

First of all, how old is the system and what brand are we looking at? As discussed in a previous post, air conditioners don’t last forever, especially in the heat that Queensland receives. If it’s getting up there in years, particularly around the 6-year mark, it could be nearing the end of its lifespan and the components are worn, and therefore we might recommend that you save your service money and look at a new system. However, if it’s a fairly new system, one question we would ask is: When is the last time you had your air conditioner serviced?

Like all mechanical devices with motors, air conditioners require servicing to ensure the maximum lifespan. And it’s probably more important to service your air conditioner as it acts as a filter for the air that is used in your home. Here is what is part of a regular air conditioner service for a residential split system-

What’s a Scope of Works for a Residential Split System Service?

Clean drain system –

Not many people are aware that air conditioners need drainage to operate effectively as the cooled air causes condensation. Any blockages in drainage can cause a build-up of water in the system, something you do not want around those electrical components.

Clean return air filter –

We blow the debris off and soak this in a cleaning solution if necessary. Having a clean air filter is perhaps the most important factor in ensuring your air conditioner is working at optimum efficiency..

Check operation of Air Unit –

After the components have been cleaned and reassembled, we make sure that the unit is now able to cool the space as it should by completed routine temperature checks.

Check condensing unit operation and refrigerant gas charge –

The outdoor condenser unit cover is also taken off, and basic refrigerant leak testing is performed. The refrigerant gas level is also confirmed.The condenser unit is wiped down and the system is given one final check

Conditions report –

All equipment will be allotted with a asset number and have a full conditions report completed so we can confirm system operation and hygiene quality. We will also explain the most economical way to operate your AC so we can help the environment and save money.

This is a comprehensive annual service that we recommend to all new air conditioning systems, large or small. Our technicians do hundreds of these per year all around Queensland, do them quickly and with no mess for you to clean up. If you think your air conditioner could do with a service, why not give us a call and find out how quickly we can get there.

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