What to look for when choosing an Air Conditioner

06 September 2017

what to look for in air con

Air Conditioners these days come with many advanced features that were not available in the past. At first when shopping around for the right Air Conditioning System for your home or office the large range and variety may be over overwhelming. The good news is that with all the extra options these days, you are guaranteed to find the perfect Air Conditioner for your needs.

If you need some help trying to decipher what Air Conditioning system might be right for you read on. in this blog we will try to go over the two most important things worth considering while making your choice. KW and EER (Energy Efficient Rating).

If you need help or advice trying to select your new Air Conditioner don’t hesitate to contact us, we have helpful experts ready today to help you make the right choice.

The first step in helping narrow down which Air Conditioner is right for you is knowing what size space you will need to cool. Start out by measuring the size of the room or rooms you wish to cool. The cooling capacity of an Air Conditioning unit is measured in KW, technically 1 KW is the heat needed raise 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. This measurement also can be used to know how manyKW’s are needed to cool a room. To make things easier we have included this general guideline for room size to recommendedKW capacity.

Square footage

Recommended KW Range













There are some exceptions to this chart, namely kitchens, high ceilings, unusual floor plans and warmer climates will require a higher KW to remove heat evenly from the room.

Getting the right KW for your room size and climate is an extremely important factor when choosing your Air Conditioning unit. A KW too large for your room and your Air Conditioner will continuously cycle on and off very fast, because of this the unit will not adequately remove humidity from the air. If the KW is too low the room your Air Conditioner will run continuously and not be able to adequately cool the room.

If you need help deciding what KW is perfect for your room and climate you can contact one of our friendly staff and they will help you decipher exactly what you needed.

After you know what KW you need to adequately cool your room the next step is to look at energy ratings. One of the best developments in Air Conditioning the last 10 years is the huge improvements in energy efficiency. Air Conditioners these days are generally around 10 -20% more efficient to Air Conditioners 10 years ago. So if your upgrading an old system you can expect a nice reduction in your monthly power bill. Energy efficiency is measured by EER (energy efficiency rating) and all our Air Conditioners will display clearly the wattage usage and EER so no surprises to your next power bill.

At Advanced Air we have a huge range of Air Conditioners and Air Conditioning Accessories for every application, if you need help selecting the right Air Conditioner for your needs, give us a call or come into our Brisbane show room. Our friendly staff are on call waiting to help you today.

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