With The Cost Of Electricity, Energy Ratings Matter Today.

23 August 2022


The cost of energy is soaring everywhere in Australia. Suddenly, gas is no longer the affordable commodity that it used to be, and the cost of electricity is on the rise. These are some of the many reasons why homeowners are becoming increasingly conscious of their energy consumption levels. In addition, many people are becoming more environmentally aware and are recognising the importance of embracing sustainable and renewable energy sources. One of the best ways to ensure that your lifestyle is more sustainable and more affordable in terms of energy consumption is to make sure that your home appliances are efficient. With the cost of electricity, energy ratings matter a lot today. Keep reading to learn more.

What are energy ratings?

Energy ratings are often alwaysfound in the specs sheet of most appliances. One of the first things that you might notice is the fact that the manufacturer will display the energy rating of the device. Some will be designed for lower consumption and more efficiency, while for others this will not be the case. Often, some of the initially cheaper products to purchase have higher consumption rates because they are not as well optimised and/or built. On the other hand, products that are more expensive tend to have better energy ratings, meaning that you are required to balance between the initial cost, and the operating costs of appliances. This can be complicated, which is why speaking to a professional at Advanced Air Conditioning will be useful in your decision-making process.

Energy ratings can be incredibly useful because they can enable you to make intelligent purchases. Some people might think that they can save money by purchasing cheaper alternatives. However, this might not turn out the way you want in the long run. It is important to understand, as mentioned above, that cheaper products can end up costing more in the long run if they require more energy than products that are designed and manufactured to a higher quality.

At the end of the day, energy ratings are a very powerful resource for consumers. They enable people to make smarter purchases and ensure that they are not making any compromises in terms of quality and energy efficiency in their homes. If sustainability and saving money on your energy costs matter to you, don’t sleep on this. It is highly recommended that you consider inspecting the energy ratings of the items or systems for your home that you are interested in purchasing. Here at Advanced Air Conditioning, for all residential wall mounted split systems or ducted systems we sell, be it supply only via our online store, or during the quoting process, all technical data is available and easily accessible, on our website, or via PDF.

Energy expenses are sometimes very necessary (..think sweltering hot Brisbane Summer), and they cannot be avoided. However, they can most definitely be mitigated if you are clever about considering energy ratings. Think of it as a guide that will tell you which products are going to be more effective in providing you the service that you need at the lowest possible cost in the long run.

Maintenance for Energy Efficiency

Another key factor that people can often miss is how vital maintenance, performed correctly, is for the operation and longevity, of your air conditioning system. Proper Regular preventative maintenance, performed by professionals (..us!), will not only extend the life of your system, but it will also help to keep it running efficiently.

This makes maintenance not only a worthy cost saving investment, it significantly reduces the environmental impact of your air conditioning system by reducing waste (as it will be operational for longer) and also energy usage (since it will run more efficiently).

At Advanced Air Conditioning, we are a part of the Daikin Specialist Dealer Network, meaning that we are qualified to professionally service your Daikin air conditioning systems to the highest possible standards. Contact us on 32566033 or email, service@advair.com.au to arrange a service your system today.

Better energy is also better for the environment

Being aware of energy ratings can be a great way to counter the increasing cost of energy while simultaneously doing your part for the environment.

Many more people all around the world are becoming very concerned about the environment, which is another reason energy ratings will come in handy. Devices that are rated highly for their energy consumption can help you reduce the amount of energy you are wasting, and therefore they can become an invaluable tool to anyone who is looking to build a greener and more sustainable household.

Energy efficiency is quickly becoming one of the most prominent trends among homeowners; it is not surprising, given the fact that it brings so many incredible benefits to the table. Not only does saving energy save you money, but it’s also amazing for the environment as a whole since you will not be using excessive energy.

The energy rating is one of many factors to consider when choosing the correct air conditioning system for you. Therefore, you should speak to an expert such as at Advanced Air Conditioning about choosing the system which is right for you.

We have a range of efficient Daikin systems available for purchase which we can supply and install. View our range on our website, or call us for more information. Contact us info@advair.com.au

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