5 things you can expect from upgrading your Air-conditioner today

Brisbane can be a hot city, in summer and even sometimes during winter. We all live here for the great weather but the reality is an air conditioner in Brisbane is often a necessity not a luxury. With spring and summer soon approaching now might be a good time to access if your current air conditioner will be up to the job.

simplewhat to look for in air con

What to look for when choosing an Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners these days come with many advanced features that were not available in the past. At first when shopping around for the right Air Conditioning System for your home or office the large range and variety may be over overwhelming. The good news is that with all the extra options these days, you are guaranteed to find the perfect Air Conditioner for your needs.


What is a Multi-head Air Conditioning System and Why Should I Get One?

Multi-head systems sound complicated but they are actually sometimes a much simpler way to achieve whole of house air conditioning instead of ducted systems. Essentially, multi-head systems are several indoor wall-mounted split systems that are able to be run off of the same outdoor (condenser) unit.


Upgrade to Daikin Reverse Cycle systems for better efficiency

Why you should upgrade to Daikin

Technological advance continues at a rapid pace, and it hasn’t excluded the air conditioning industry. The air conditioner purchased in the early 2000’s is much different to what you can buy today. Today’s ducted and split reverse cycle systems are quieter, more adaptable, come with a long warranty period and are much cheaper to run. If the thought of quiet, more efficient air from a new, guaranteed system begins to sound appealing, here are the two most important reasons to upgrade your aircon to Daikin, explained in a bit more detail.


Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air?

So far it had been a pretty mild winter and spring, by Brisbane standards at least. But now Summer has well and truly kicked in, and you want to turn on the aircon for the first time in months, and it’s blowing warm air or it’s not even turning on. Here are some things that we would check as part of a residential aircon service in Brisbane.


Tips on selecting a split system unit

What size AC unit you require depends on a variety of factors, but below are some tips to help you choose the right one.


Why you shouldn’t need a regas of your home air conditioner

Throughout our many years of servicing and installing residential air-conditioning around Brisbane, we have lost count of the people who ask for our help because their air-conditioner “needs a re-gas”. This is usually not the case, and here is why.

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