5 things you can expect from upgrading your Air-conditioner today

06 September 2017

Air Conditioning Upgrade Brisbane

Brisbane can be a hot city, in summer and even sometimes during winter. We all live here for the great weather but the reality is an air conditioner in Brisbane is often a necessity not a luxury. With spring and summer soon approaching now might be a good time to access if your current air conditioner will be up to the job.

Technological advancements have improved many common household items the last few short years, and air-conditioning systems are no acceptation to this. New air-conditioning systems are lighter, quieter, perform more efficiently, and most importantly can save you money on your power bill.

If you are in Brisbane and wondering if it might be time to upgrade your old air-conditioning system to a brand new model here are some of the major benefits you might expect.

A Cooler Room Faster

You will be surprised how quickly today’s air conditioners can cool a room. New compressor, fan, and blade technologies have allowed today’s air conditioners to bring a room to a desired temperature far quicker than older systems once could.

A more evenly cooled room

New Air-conditioning systems employ fan and blades that control airflow much better than older systems, dispersing airflow much more evenly cooling the entire room. You will be much less likely to have a direct uncomfortable jet of air shooting out of the air conditioner, and can expect more evenly dispersed stream to fill the room subtly but also more effectively.


Air-conditioners today run much quieter than those of earlier years. A well installed system should have no noise and vibration issues, and be barley noticed at all in the home or office.

Reduce your carbon footprint

New Air-conditioners will have a much lower carbon output and carbon footprint. This is not only good for you and your family but also Brisbane, the environment we are all sharing and the planets health in general.

Reduced power bill

A reduced power bill is often the first thing people think about as reason to upgrade an old air conditioner.
If you have not already been convinced it is worth upgrading for the performance improvements we have already mentioned alone, we can confirm that a new Air-conditioning System compared to an older counterpart is sure to save you a pretty penny on your next power bill.

How much will I save?

How much depends greatly on which air-conditioning system you now own, its age, how and where you run it, and what air conditioner you are wanting to upgrade to.
Todays Air conditioners compared to systems 5 years old are much more economic and efficient, and compared to systems 10 years or older the savings can quickly become very substantial.

If you would like to see the numbers for yourself, or get an idea of what savings you might expect, the best option is to call us, or come into our Brisbane showroom where one of our experts can fully analyse your particular situation and give you real and tailored advice that you can trust.

If you have been thinking lately that it might be time to upgrade your old air-conditioning system don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. We can take you effortlessly and stress free through the wide range of air condition options available for your home and office.

We are certain you will be amazed by the significant advancements air conditioners have gone through over the past few years and we would love to show you how upgrading your old air- conditioning system could greatly enhance your quality of life today.

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