What is a Multi-head Air Conditioning System and Why Should I Get One?

28 December 2016

What is a Multi-head air conditioning system

Multi-head systems sound complicated but they are actually sometimes a much simpler way to achieve whole of house air conditioning instead of ducted systems. Essentially, multi-head systems are several indoor wall-mounted split systems that are able to be run off of the same outdoor (condenser) unit. You can run from 2 to 5 indoor units from the same Daikin Super Multi NX outdoor unit. When all indoor units are in operation, the outdoor unit divides the power distribution evenly across the units, or when not all indoor units are being used, uses the units in operation to full capacity. The diagram below shows this principle in action.

So, why should a home be cooled this way instead of ducted? Multi splits can save running costs as only the rooms that are needed use the indoor air conditioning units. Like normal wall mounted indoor units, each indoor unit comes with its own controller that can be programed. This individual control is perfect for houses that will not require all rooms to be running at the same time all the time.

Even if all rooms are required, the most active rooms such as the living rooms can be programmed as the priority room, ensuring the most cooling power comes to that room. This is the reason why the indoor capacity can exceed the outdoor units rated capacity. Super Multi NX systems from Daikin can be connected by 150 to 181% of the reverse cycle power rated on the outdoor unit. For example, a 10kW outdoor unit can have up to 15.6kW of indoor rated units connected. As shown above the outdoor unit will share its capacity when needed, allowing a smaller system to effectively air condition the spaces that require it. This can save on up-front costs for the units needed. So multi head systems are often less expensive than ducted.

Also, when you don’t have the appropriate ceiling space or house design for a ducted system, multi head systems are often the most practical choice. For example, two story homes that have not been designed with ducted systems in mind can required extensive bulkhead or wardrobe construction to enable ducting to reach the top rooms. Multi head systems just require the same gas lines as normal wall mounted splits, meaning they are able to be put on the outside of walls unobtrusively.

Prices for multi head systems can therefore become cheaper than ducted systems and achieve the same outcome – multi room cooling when you require it. Advanced Air can provide an expert assessment of your homes cooling requirements and what system would be best suited to your house type and budget. get in touch and ask about a multi head system option for your home.

Download the Daikin Multi Split Information Brochure here

Get in touch and ask about a multi head system option for your home

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