Efficiency in Commercial HVAC

21 September 2016

commercial hvac efficiency

Plug Fan investment likely to pay for itself in 2 years at Local Hospital

Commercial Building HVAC contributes to the majority of energy usage, so any investment made in efficiency does contribute in the long run. As part of our commitment to reducing running costs for our customers, we have developed expertise in plug fan technology that is a simple yet hugely effective way to reduce your buildings energy consumption.

If you are running a air handling unit of medium to large size, it is well worth investigating the savings that may be possible in running costs when switching from a belt driven fan to a EC ‘Plug’ Fan. Recently we proposed this very transition to one of our healthcare clients, and after commissioning, found the before and after energy saving data points to a expected payback time of only 2 years. The use of EC plug fans to replace belt driven forward curve fans has gained momentum since the early 2000’s, and our data backs up why this is the case.

Our readings show a drop of close to 36% in energy consumed since changing to the plug fan. This was in an air handling unit that was in operation 18hrs a day and requiring airflow of 2700l/s. Based on today’s commercial rates, that also equates to a direct saving of $2505 per annum in electricity costs and equates to 8.9 tonnes of reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Not to mention reductions in maintenance costs. There are no belts or pulleys to replace and no bearings to grease or motors to align.

Therefore, it expected to pay for itself in only two years, and with the lifetime of the fan conservatively estimated to be 10 years, that’s over a $20k net saving over the lifetime. Other buildings that have installed this simple technology to replace belt driven fans have seen reductions of 50% in running costs. When you consider that fan energy is typically the highest consumer of energy in a commercial building, it’s not hard to see how these savings add up very quickly.

This is another example of how Advanced Air is continuously looking for ways to save your commercial building hvac running and maintenance costs, and how we live by our motto of quality, innovation and clean air. Take advantage of our experience in this area and contact us to arrange a report on possible energy savings for your building today.

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