Should you repair an old Air Conditioning System on or get a new one?

17 October 2017

room with old air con
Is it worth spending more money to repair your air conditioning unit or should you just get a newer one? Here is a list of some factors to assist you in deciding whether you will buy a new AC unit or you will continue to fix your old air conditioner:

1. The Age of Your Air Conditioning Unit
An extremely quick and easy method to know if it would be better to replace or fix your air conditioning is to multiply you air conditioning units age by the repair costs.If the result greater than five thousand dollars, then it would probably be better for you to buy a new air conditioner. It is useless to spend your hard earned money on an air conditioning system that continues to break repeatedly. You should think about replacing your unit once it is 15 years old.
2. The Energy Efficiency of the Air Conditioning Unit
Old air conditioners are highly likely to be using excessive amounts of energy. Many old units do not come equipped with advanced technology to reduce the electricity usage. If you see that you are constantly overspending on electricity bills, you should replace your air conditioner with a newer unit. Preferably, you should buy an Air Conditioning unit that has an inverter to reduce the used power of your unit. 
3. Does Your Air Conditioner Leak?
If you constantly are required to buy more refrigerant for your unit, they is possibly a leak. The cost of fixing Leaks as well as getting more refrigerant adds up significantly and can possibly cost as much or more as if you just bought a new air conditioner.
4. Are There Any Other Problems With Your Air Conditioner?
If your air conditioner has been working correctly for a long time, it doesn’t need to be replaced. There isn’t a point in fixing or replacing a sufficient, working air conditioning system. You should keep it until it does have expensive or irritating problems. Air conditioning systems can have problems such as: units that are not cooling / heating while they are operating or damaged filters.
5. Are You Moving Locations?
If you’re going to be living or working in a new location and the air conditioning unit is included in the sale of the commercial building or house, it is possible that you are not required to purchase a new AC unit to be used in your old commercial building or home. Unless, of course the sale papers state that you are required to replace the air conditioner prior to the sale. Make sure that you just get normal cleaning and maintenance before the sale of the building is finalised. If the air conditioning unit isn’t included with the building, it may be worth taking with you for your new building to either install so that you do not need to buy a new air conditioner.
6. Do You Have an Incorrectly Sized Air Conditioning Unit?
If you have an air conditioning unit that is not sized correctly for your building it came come with many problems. Examples of these are: too small systems can’t keep up with cooling or heating requirements, too large systems that won’t dehumidify your building properly. Over sized systems can also break at a faster rate than other systems, as they repeatedly turn on and off because they reach thermostat set point very quickly. If your air conditioner is the incorrect size it may be easier just to buy a new one in the correct size.
Overall, these 6 factors should help you decide whether or not to replace or repair your air conditioning. If you are unsure, feel free to call Advanced Air to discuss your air conditioning requirements.
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